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┌tgßfa: 4.0 Cadmium

Samheiti: KadmÝum, B-Cadmium
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Ger­ sřnis: EDTA blˇ­ e­a HeparÝn blˇ­
Sřni teki­ Ý glas (inniheldur EDTA) me­ fjˇlublßum tappa ßn gels (sv÷rt mi­ja) e­a Ý glas (inniheldur LiHeparin) me­ grŠnum tappa (sv÷rt mi­ja)
Litakˇ­i samkvŠmt Greiner.

Ekki skilja ni­ur

Magn: 2 mL
Geymsla sřnis: KŠlir.
Sřnasending: Hra­sending Ý umhverfishita.
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About three-fourths of cadmium is used in Ni-Cd batteries, most of the remaining one-fourth is used mainly for pigments, coatings and plating, and as stabilizers for plastics. Cadium has been used particularly to electroplate steel where a film of cadmium only 0.05 mm thick will provide complete protection against the sea. Cadmium has the ability to absorb neutrons, so it is used as a barrier to control nuclear fission. t

Cadmium can mainly be found in the earth's crust. It always occurs in combination with zinc. Cadmium also consists in the industries as an inevitable by-product of zinc, lead and copper extraction. After being applied it enters the environment mainly through the ground, because it is found in manures and pesticides.

Naturally a very large amount of cadmium is released into the environment, about 25,000 tons a year. About half of this cadmium is released into rivers through weathering of rocks and some cadmium is released into air through forest fires and volcanoes. The rest of the cadmium is released through human activities, such as manufacturing

Human uptake of cadmium takes place mainly through food. Foodstuffs that are rich in cadmium can greatly increase the cadmium concentration in human bodies. Examples are liver, mushrooms, shellfish, mussels, cocoa powder and dried seaweed.

An exposure to significantly higher cadmium levels occurs when people smoke. Tobacco smoke transports cadmium into the lungs. Blood will transport it through the rest of the body where it can increase effects by potentiating cadmium that is already present from cadmium-rich food.

Other high exposures can occur with people who live near hazardous waste sites or factories that release cadmium into the air and people that work in the metal refinery industry. When people breathe in cadmium it can severely damage the lungs. This may even cause death.

Cadmium is first transported to the liver through the blood. There, it is bond to proteins to form complexes that are transported to the kidneys. Cadmium accumulates in kidneys, where it damages filtering mechanisms. This causes the excretion of essential proteins and sugars from the body and further kidney damage. It takes a very long time before cadmium that has accumulated in kidneys is excreted from a human bod

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