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┌tg.dags.: 11/14/2019
┌tgßfa: 1.0 Chylomikron

Samheiti: Chylomicron, Lipoproteinelektrophorese
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Sj˙klingur ■arf a­ vera fastandi 12 tÝma fyrir blˇ­t÷ku.

Ger­ sřnis : Serum
Sřni teki­ Ý serum glas me­ rau­um tappa me­ geli (gul mi­ja) e­a me­ rau­um tappa ßn gels (sv÷rt mi­ja) . Litakˇ­i samkvŠmt Greiner.

Magn: 1 ml
Geymsla sřnis: KŠlir. EKKI frysta sřni. Sřni geymist 10 daga Ý kŠli
Sřnasending: Hra­sending Ý stofuhita
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Bei­ni: Bei­ni Berlin-Postdam MVZ GbR.pdfBei­ni Berlin-Postdam MVZ GbR.pdf
Skrifa ß bei­ni Chylomikronen lipoprotein elektrophoresis
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IMD Institut fŘr Medizinische Diagnostik Berlin-Potsdam GbR
Nicolaistra▀e 22
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Lipoprotein elektrophoresis i.s.░. (HDL, LDL, VLDL, Chylomikronen)

material serum

volume1 ml

comments12 h fasting before blood draw


stability RT 3 days
4-8░C 10 days
do not freeze

TAT 10 working days

áFrˇ­leikur: Chylomicron: A small fat globule composed of protein and lipid (fat). Chylomicrons are found in the blood and lymphatic fluid where they serve to transport fat from its port of entry in the intestine to the liver and to adipose (fat) tissue. After a fatty meal, the blood is so full of chylomicrons that it looks milky

Chylomicron retention disease:
Chylomicron retention disease is a rare, hereditary, autosomal recessive disorder that affects the absorption of dietary lipids, cholesterol and certain fat-soluble vitamins, A,D,E and K due to a lack of chylomicron transportation. Mutations in the SAR1Bgene impair the release of chylomicrons into the blood stream.

The signs and symptoms of chylomicron retention disease appear in the first few months of life and they include:
Failure of weight-gain and growth



Steatorrhea (fatty stools)

Hypocholesterolemia (low blood cholesterol)

Later in life:
Impaired nervous system
Decreased reflexes (hypoflexia)

Decreased ability to feel vibrations

Additional testing:
Chylomicron electrophoresis for confirmation and quantification.


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