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Skjalnúmer: LSH-3509
Útg.dags.: 08/29/2020
Útgáfa: 1.0 COVID-19 - quarantine B-2 - enska
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    The purpose of this guideline is to provide guidance and outline the responsibility of both the direct line manager and the employee if an employee is granted an exemption to work in quarantine B-2 during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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    It is the responsibility of the Epidemic Committee to review applications for exemptions from quarantine and approve the application if the criteria for quarantine B is met. It is the responsibility of the direct line manager to inform their staff of these guidelines and to ensure that these guidelines are followed.
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    Guideline statement
    To minimize the disruption of the organization's operational capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic, an application for an exemption from quarantine can be submitted to the hospital´s Epidemic Committee. In special circumstances, where other means are not possible, a qualified asymptomatic employee who is quarantined may be authorized to return to work provided certain conditions are met. Such exemption from quarantine is called quarantine B-2.
    All general rules on quarantine in Iceland apply outside the organization, even though an exemption has been granted for work.

    Requirements for an exemption from quarantine to be granted
    1. The direct line manager has sent an application for exemption from quarantine and it has been approved by the Epidemic Committee.
    2. Other resources are not available, such as transfer of qualified employees within the organization and substitute staff is not available.
    3. The work contribution of the employee is necessary to ensure patient safety.
    4. The employee is asymptomatic, not knowingly exposed to the virus and the COVID-19 screening test upon arrival to Iceland was negative.


    Instructions for employees in quarantine B-2
    1. The employee dons personal protective equipment (PPE) when caring for patients (required for all patient contact):
      • Long-sleeved protective gown
      • Gloves
      • Surgical mask
    2. The employee is required to perform hand hygiene using alcohol-based sanitizer before putting on and upon removal of PPE, including gloves. The employee changes gloves between each patient and long-sleeve protective coat if it has been contaminated, or after last patient contact. The employee performs hand hygiene before and after being in common staff areas (toilets and staff lounge).
    3. At all times in Landspítali:
      • The employee is required to wear a surgical mask
      • The employee is only allowed to doff the surgical mask while eating or drinking, provided that the employee is able to maintain at least two-meter distance from other staff.
      • The employee is required to perform hand hygiene using alcohol-based sanitizer or with water and soap when indicated and after being in common staff areas (toilets and staff lounge).
      • The employee is required to maintain a two-meter distance from other employees
      • The manager is required to ensure that all common contact surface areas in the employee’s unit are sanitized as per the hospital´s guidelines at least once a day.
    4. The employee in quarantine B-2 should have access to a private toilet. If it is not possible the employee has to sanitize all common contact surfaces on the toilet after each use.
    5. The employee in quarantine B-2 has restricted access to the hospital and should minimize movement outside their work area as much as possible.
    6. The employee is required to perform a daily symptom check according to the hospital´s guidelines for monitoring workers in quarantine B-2. If COVID-19 symptoms arise or illness is suspected, the employee must leave the hospital immediately, isolate at home/hotel and contact their direct line manager. Further information regarding testing is provided by their manager or the occupational health department (tel. 543 1330 or starfsmannahjukrun@landspitali.is).
    7. The employee attends second testing according to guidance from primary healthcare.
    8. When a second COVID-19 screening result is reported negative (usually on day 6) the B-2 quarantine is completed, and the employee resumes work under quarantine C at Landspítali until 14 days have passed since arriving in Iceland.

    Poster about quarantine B

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